A rare text post appears!

To all my lovely dear followers. <3

if you hadn’t noticed by now, my art is not consistent at all. i apologize to all those who like a certain piece and follow me, but might not like the next. i am constantly changing the way i draw, experimenting new techniques. you can say i kinda have this problem in which i love all kinds of art and i want to be able to draw everything. i could be drawing cute monsters for a week and then draw weird creepy aliens the next. it really depends on what i’ve been inspired by at the moment.

for as long as i can remember til recently, i have always been troubled about not having my own “look” in my drawings. however, many have said that it’s good to be versatile. i guess it’s true in a way. i haven’t really been that bothered with style anymore. it’ll come to me eventually one day. :D

i love hearing from my followers. just the fact that i even HAVE likes and followers, is something that i still can’t comprehend. you guys are the biggest inspiration to me. (:

do let me know what you like and what you don’t and ask me anything, anytime. i promise i don’t bite! :D